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Study Bitcoin @ the 2024 DC National Kite Festival

Updated: Jan 12

If you haven't seen my page on orange pilling kite flyers during the 2024 National Cherry Blossom Festival, go check it out.

National Kite Festival banner with dates & location

My goal is simply to fly a "Study Bitcoin" kite with the big Bitcoin logo for several hours during the kite festival on March 30, 2024. I reached out to a kite maker in New Jersey who specializes in handmade kites, mostly for small business advertising and kite enthusiasts. I'm neither of those, but I wanted to have a kite that looked great and flew well while supporting a small business.

So as of October 6th, 2023, the kite maker has agreed to build my kite!

Stay tuned for meetup information. I've already created an event on the Orange Pill App but expect to see other event listings on Meetup and other sites.

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