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How to do NIP-05 Nostr verification on Wix Hosted Websites

Updated: Jan 12

I kind of wanted my first blog post to be something thoughtful or insightful but instead I'll post something boring but also something that took me a while to figure out: How to implement Nostr NIP-05 verification with your Wix-hosted website.

If you're unfamiliar with Nostr, go here: What is Nostr?

If you're unfamiliar with NIP-05 verification, go here: Get NIP-05 Verified

Screenshot of Cafe Satoshi NOSTR profile


In order to do NIP-05 verification that many Nostr clients will use to show a "verification" logo on your profile, you need to host a json file in a special directory on your website. Wix hosting doesn't allow you to manage files in this special directory yourself because of the 'security' implications.


1) Go to your homepage and edit in Dev Mode. Go to the Public & Backend section and add a new file called "http-functions.js" in the Backend.

Screenshot of Wix dashboard

2) Edit the file and drop in the following code, replacing these 2 values:


nip-05 address =

nostrName = trey

npubHex = dd9939f135fa9848dcc64dd79337741be78b342b8a655acbe0e676d292955b8c

import { ok, notFound, serverError } from 'wix-http-functions';

let nostr = {
    "names": {
        "nostrName": "npubHex"

const nostrJSON = JSON.stringify(nostr);

export function get_nostr(request) {
    let options = {
        "headers": {
            "Content-Type": "application/json"
        "body": nostrJSON
    return ok(options);

3) Publish the changes and head over to your Marketing & SEO tools from your Dashboard.

Dashboard > Marketing & SEO > SEO > URL Redirect Manager

4) Add a New Redirect that will redirect the nostr.json file path to the new function you just published. It should look like this:

Screenshot of Wix URL Redirect Manager

Special thanks to this post for pointing me in the right direction!

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