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#StudyBitcoin at the Blossom Kite Festival

It's a bird! It's a plane! No.. it's a Bitcoin kite!?!

Blossom Festival Flyer.jpg

I commissioned a professional kite maker to make this one-of-a-kind kite with the phrase "#StudyBitcoin" under a big, orange Bitcoin logo. It's a beautiful white 6.5' wide Twin Tail Delta with 23' long flowing tails.

Below are some photos of me flying it on the National Mall in Washington, DC. This project is on the more fun & less technical side of the orange pilling spectrum. My main goal with the kite was fly it at the 2024 National Cherry Blossom Kite Festival, but I'll find a bunch of cool places to fly it before then.

Flying at the 2024 Cherry Blossom Kite Festival

Washington, DC is home to the annual Blossom Kite Festival on the National Mall during the 2024 National Cherry Blossom Festival. Café Satoshi will be there flying a giant "Study Bitcoin" kite to raise awareness.

Cost: Free!

Date: March 30, 2024

Location: Washington Monument, DC

Come Fly With Us!

I am organizing an event to encourage other Bitcoiners to come and help educate curious kite-flyers about Bitcoin.​ I have commissioned a big, beautiful, custom kite from a professional kite shop that reads "#StudyBitcoin" under a big Bitcoin logo.


Make a Statement

This kite symbolizes Bitcoin taking flight just a few weeks before the 2024 halving!


Spark Curiosity

This is more than just a cool kite – it's a conversation starter that sparks curiosity


Answer Questions

Flying kites is fun and a bitcoin kite just might draw people in to ask questions.

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